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7 Killer Ideas For Season 2 Of “The Handmaid’s Tale”

The Handmaid’s Tale wrapped up its basically commended first season on Hulu this week, and the dramatization has as of now been restored for a moment season.

Season 1 finished with Offred (Elisabeth Moss) being taken by protects from the home of Commander Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) into a dim van. In the book by Margaret Atwood, the same happens, however it’s unequivocally inferred that Nick (Max Minghella) has orchestrated her safeguard with the “Mayday” operation.

In the show, it’s significantly more indistinct whether Offred is being escorted to security or to some sort of discipline for her part in the not-stoning of kindred handmaid Janine. Scratch reassures her about the gatekeepers, yet he may very well imply that they won’t hurt her. We’ll need to keep a watch out where that van is going when Season 2 returns.

In any case, what else will Season 2 cover? The primary season secured the vast majority of the plot in the book by Margaret Atwood. Greenery, who’s additionally an official maker, has said that she and showrunner Bruce Miller have talked about thoughts for Season 2.

In the event that they’re perusing, here are some of our own recommendations for what the show could investigate in Season 2:

Offred’s Detainment

It appears to be profoundly improbable that the show will go the course of sparing Offred. Yes, she could rejoin with Luke and Moira in Canada and battle for the freedom of the considerable number of handmaids from that point. In any case, at that point, we would lose her viewpoint in the thick of things in Gilead.

Along these lines, the more likely following stage is that Offred is detained for prompting the handmaids’ resistance. In any case, she’s pregnant, which confounds any discipline. We may get more knowledge into how the administration and equity arrangement of Gilead works.

The Colonies

The Colonies are suggested, in both the book and the arrangement, as a cruel place desolated by ecological calamity. Culprits and undesirable natives are condemned to live and work there — including June’s mother.

Atwood’s book highlights a few flashbacks to June’s mother, a staunch women’s activist who was exiled to the Colonies. It is intriguing to check whether she’s a piece of the Mayday resistance out there.

Janine’s and Ofglen’s Destinies

The last we saw of Ofglen/Emily, she had gone on a dangerous drive after her clitorectomy. Watchmen dragged her away. In any case, did they hang her? Maybe they sent her to the Colonies (perhaps she can get together with June’s mother).

With respect to Janine, she was condemned to be stoned to death, yet the handmaids denied and she survived. Presently what? Will she be hanged? Sent to the Colonies? (She, as well, can get together with June’s mother.)

The Letters

Before being taken away, Offred whispered the area of the letters composed by handmaids to Rita (Amanda Brugel). Rita now has them in her ownership, however, what will she do with them? While Rita has appeared to be thoughtful to Offred, she likewise hasn’t generally done anything demonstrating that she’d join the resistance.

Whatever is Left of Gilead

The show gave a look at Gilead society through Offred and Waterford’s visit to Jezebel’s. From that, we discovered that Gilead isn’t entirely separated into administrators, their spouses, handmaids, close relatives, and Marthas.

Atwood’s book additionally says different classes of individuals, as econowives, who are hitched to common laborers men. In the book, Offred likewise observes visitors in Gilead.\

Different Nations

And also a glance at life in Canada for American outcasts, this season presented Mexican authorities, and one of the handmaid letters specified a sister in London. All in all, what’s happening in whatever is left of the world? The female Mexican exchange official revealed to Offred that the place where she grew up had a birthrate issue as the United States once did, which is the reason she’s bargaining for handmaids.

Unmistakably Canada declines to oblige what Gilead is doing, while Mexico is being influenced. However, shouldn’t something be said about different nations? On the off chance that the United States really broken up as it did in this story, it would have immense results over the globe.

Close Relative Lydia

The principal season gave us flashbacks to pre-Gilead life for Serena Joy and Nick. Why should passing on observe what Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) was up to when the nation was as yet the United States? Will figure DMV worker.

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  1. DanceLord
    Who else gets nauseous watching women get treated like they do in the show? If the show has inspired you to donate, then try our friends at the Global Fund for Women.
  2. ChainPygmy
    This show is so dark and depressing. And I love it.
    • LoneMeerkat
      You should read the book.
  3. VioletCat
    "Toe to toe in a cage match"??? Really?? Only a man would say that.
  4. Glasshopper
    Reason for Serena Joy to be younger - they are selling a tv show. Duh. This guy with the "you feel like I'd love to see them in a cage match." Um no, not really.
  5. PeskyWeasel
  6. CovertMermaid
    There didn't need to be a direct competition between the two characters. Serena Joy was the oppressor, the antagonist. In making Serena Joy younger for this reason the writers ignore a fundamental criticism of the novel, they strip the motivations and self worth of women to be solely directed by their need/ability to bear children.