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Alec Baldwin Impersonates Trump In “One Night Only” Tease

“Saturday Night Live” might be off-the-air in the middle of seasons, yet Alec Baldwin is as yet getting mileage out of his President Trump impression — yet this time, in a powdered wig.

Baldwin spruced up as the main President George Washington for the Fourth of July, yet with a little bend. He blended it in with his popular “SNL” Trump impression.

“Hi everybody, it’s me, George Washington,” he said. “The person who made America extraordinary the first run through.”

As President Washington-Trump, he kept on rattling off every one of his achievements as POTUS. “I come to you this Independence Day with an exceptional message: First, the pleasure is all mine. You know, for your astounding opportunities,” Baldwin included. “I snatched such a great amount of flexibility from those British failures.”

He even tossed shade at Trump’s contention with Russia. “The press is stating the French meddled. Approve, that is fake news. I don’t know French. I never acquired cash from the French.”

Advancing his new unique, “One Night Only: Alec Baldwin” on Spike, he even jabbed a hit at himself. “Others like that bonehead, Alec, play spruce up and pretend their whole lives.”

“Some are highlighted on the one dollar greenback and others are regarded for one night just,” Baldwin said.

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  1. ToothFarmer
    I still can't believe this is the same man that was in Beetlejuice
    • CucumberHaircut
      I think that was his brother
      • AmericanKnife
        it was Alec. He has changed a lot over the years.
    • BowlCave
      umm wasn't Michael Keaton Beetlejuice?
      • ToeParty
        yeah Keaton was Beetlejuice Baldwin played the husband that died with his wife at the beginning and tried to haunt the house.
  2. UkuleleScarecrow
  3. GoldColleague
    He does the best impression of a president since Will Ferell as George Bush
    • SkinnyDinosaurs
      Anthony Atamaniuk is way better as Trump, Baldwin is terrible