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Bungie Has Confirmed “Destiny 2” Is On The Way

Fate will have a full continuation discharge this year and we now know, on account of a Bungie tweet, that it will be called Destiny 2. There may be a slogan to that divulged sooner or later, however for the present all we know is that that is its official title.

Initially spilled in a photo of a collapsed publication (expresses gratitude toward Kotaku), Bungie authoritatively reported the amusement’s title through its checked Destiny Twitter account. It demonstrated the logo with the setting of the consuming city. Plainly something has gone amiss. Players most likely didn’t granulate sufficiently hard forever intense firearms.

Bungie lined up later with a secret for the full uncover trailer, which will dispatch on March 30 at 10 a.m. PT. In the realistic secret (over), Firefly’s Nathan Fillion repeats his part from the main diversion as the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6, by and by utilizing his comedic slashes to help up a generally to a great extent genuine amusement.

We’ve known Bungie was arranging an immediate spin-off of Destiny for quite a while now. Indeed, even while it was dealing with numerous development and DLC discharges for Destiny, it had individuals chipping away at a full amusement discharge to take the story and diversion world to the following stage in its advancement.

It’s beforehand been expressed by Activision authorities that the diversion is intended to expand the establishment’s “worldwide reach,” and to expand upon the establishments of what Destiny made. Gameplay is relied upon to get something of an upgrade, however the center experience will at present be an online-just, multiplayer, first-individual shooter.

Predetermination 2 is at present slated for a September 8, 2017 discharge date, however since that is a Friday, it might be that the diversion is at last propelled in the U.S. on Tuesday, September 5, as that is the common dispatch day for diversions in America. Notwithstanding, there is likewise anticipated that would be a shut and open beta testing period before the diversion’s possible discharge, so it may be the case that we would all be able to get an opportunity to play in Bungie’s new amusement world before its second from last quarter discharge.

What are a portion of the elements you folks need Bungie to present in its second take at the Destiny universe?

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  1. Stoutlaw
    i wonder if destiny 2 os going to be open world...and be able to fly from planet to planet like no man sky...doubt it but just a thought
  2. QuietMaple
    Now that Destiny 2 won't be limited by the restrictions of ps3 and xbox360 I think will shall be seeing some spectacular things, and I'm pretty excited.
  3. ObviousGenie
    Destiny 2 Is pretty obviously going to focus on the Cabal. There commander is coming. Plus the queen is out there. Rasputin is in shambles possibly controlling Siva. Oryx still has family left. The vex are still a mystery. The Stranger is off doing something, and the speaker is still sketch AF. So There are alot of stories to tell with enemies still in the game. While new enemies is refreshing, Id like to think Destiny 2 will feel similar, but also like a completely new game. Making all those enemies fun to fight again. Just my 2cents.
  4. TroubledPuppy
    I've spent 150 bucks on destiny. I haven't regretted it. where are all those complainers at? tell me how u feel now?
  5. Barracupid
    The real question is how can we let Xûr have his own will to let him sell good shit?!
  6. Eggcecutioner
    thise ship looking like the one of the Cabal... i think there will be probably a big war between the empire and us :-]
  7. Gorillala
    I'm say you change your name
  8. TerrificZebra
    Destiny is the best game ever
  9. GuineaPiggy
    I really hope that Destiny 2 will be on ps4 and Xbox one. If it's on a completely new console I'm gonna lose it.