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Fox Teases Dates For 6 Unknown Marvel Movies

20th Century Fox is staking out some new region for its Marvel films.

The studio has set dates for six untitled motion pictures, and here are those dates to check on your blockbuster motion picture schedule:

  • June 7th 2019
  • November 22nd 2019
  • March 13th 2020
  • June 26th 2020
  • October 2nd 2020
  • March 5th 2021

The studio, which has the rights to Marvel’s X-Men and Fantastic Four establishments, has already reported plans to discharge three of the mutant-driven motion pictures in 2018, the most it’s at any point had in a solitary year. (Those 2018 movies are April 13’s New Mutants, June 1’s Deadpool 2 and Nov. 2’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix).

So what could some of those puzzle films be? Fox has plans for a third Deadpool motion picture and X-Men spinoff X-Force, including an alternate group of mutants. There’s additionally been discussion about a Laura spinoff featuring Dafne Keen, the youthful breakout star of Logan.

Other new discharge dates from the studio incorporate Oct. 5, 2018 for the Drew Goddard thriller Bad Times at the El Royale; March 1, 2019 for The Force, from Logan chief James Mangold; Feb. 14, 2020 for the enlivened film Nimona. Then, energized film Anubis, already set for March 23, 2018, has been removed the timetable. The film had as of now been pushed once.

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  1. RainMagician
    So fox is making a MCU (Mutant cinematic universe)
  2. Zebrass
    Fox, you BETTER NOT announce a new Fantastic Four movie!! Just sell the rights back to Marvel already!!
  3. Devillain
    Venom is part of the arrowverse
  4. Urchinchilla
    Fox and Sony are dumbasses
  5. FearlessMaggot
    only care about deadpool 2....
  6. MadLeech
    No thanks. I'm done with FOX outside of Deadpool.
  7. OceanMachine
  8. Uniqueen
    Once again, Sony and Fox prove as to why they like smoking quality weed together.
  9. Wenchanter
    Logan + Deadpool > MCU