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New George R.R. Martin Box Set For “Game Of Thrones”

What do you get the Game of Thrones fan who has everything? The undeniable answer is early access to the show’s seven-scene seventh season or the since a long time ago postponed 6th part in George R.R. Martin’s arrangement of books, however both those things are harder to get hold of than a hot shower north of the Wall. So all things considered, give them something that will help hang loose until the point when the arrangement profits to HBO for July 16: A constrained release box set pressed to the overflow with Westerosi memorabilia from both the show and its source material. Penguin Random House and ReedPOP are disclosing not only one, but rather two, of these containers brimming with GoT plunder beginning June 30.

In case you’re one of those Lannisters who experiences difficulty paying your obligations, you might need to run with the sparing George R.R. Martin ReedPOP Special Edition Box witnessed previously. Retailing for $75, this accumulation accompanies a twentieth commemoration constrained release of Martin’s unique 1996 novel, A Game of Thrones, and in addition lithographs of the landmass’ Northern and Southern locales, a web based Living Language course to drench you in the Dothraki tongue, the mark Iron Coin of the Faceless Man, a duplicate of the last will and confirmation of poor Robert Baratheon — whose passing commenced this entire bleeding diversion — and a T-shirt, all contained in a memento printed box.

In the event that you have somewhat more (gold) coin to spread around, consider moving up to the $250 George R.R. Martin ReedPOP Limited Edition Box, where you get every one of the treats from the Special Edition set, with a couple of extra fortunes. Fortunes like a duplicate of Game of Thrones: The Card Game with a recently outlined card highlighting Daenerys in all her Khaleesi grandness. The Mother of Dragons goes from Khaleesi to Queen in an extraordinary smaller than normal, additionally incorporated, that is matched with her future partner (we trust!) Jon Snow. Additionally housed in this GRRM-monogrammed printed box is a Maester’s diary, Holiday sigil shield lights, a silk guide of King’s Landing and a formerly unreleased arrangement of Dead Man coins memorializing only a portion of the many fallen characters whose bodies are decaying in far-flung corners of Westeros and past.

Whichever box you pick, you would be wise to act quick: ReedPOP has delivered just 3,000 renditions of the Special Edition set, and a unimportant 1,000 of the Limited Edition. Knowing the commitment of Game of Thrones fans, that implies both will soon be scarcer than Valyrian steel.

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  1. StonePotato65
    Miniatures...difficulty?.. What kind of accent are you even referring to?..
  2. ChinChalk
    The real George RR Martin box would need 6 years for shipping alone
  3. ClumsySupermarket
    George needs to hurry the fuck up with Winds of Winter.
  4. DevelopmentCaramel
    I want a Euron Greyjoy T-Shirt that reads "Make Westeros Great Again"
  5. CobwebPassenger
    Am I the only one who hates the show-viewer worship of Dany and the horse-fucking Dothraki?
  6. DragonLemur15
    those people have to stop shipping jon and dany. they just have to stop.
    • SpanishIce33
      the most boring charackters...and how is that even possible when u have dragons
    • TallSign67
      don't you dare. jon will sacrifice himself to save us all from that purple-eyed inbred maniac.