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Star Louis Herthum Can’t Wait For Season 2 Of “Westworld”

The Westworld dedicated should hold up until the point when 2018 to come back to the main amusement stop and its numerous complex storylines that support, nay request, over the top speculating. Be that as it may, recently advanced arrangement customary and self-purported fanboy Louis Herthum, who played Peter Abernathy — cyborg father to the show’s focal host, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), in Season 1 — will stretch out beyond whatever is left of us. The 60-year-old on-screen character reveals to Yahoo TV that he’ll begin shooting the HBO dramatization’s sophomore season one month from now, giving him an entire year’s head begin on taking in Westworld’s next round of mysteries. “They’re increase at the present time,” he says, with articulated fervor in his voice. “The real shooting will begin in mid-July. Where? I don’t know about that. I shot in L.A. what’s more, Utah for Season 1, yet who knows?”

Really, Herthum knows a considerable amount about Westworld. Perhaps not Season 2, in spite of the fact that, to be reasonable, he couldn’t share any answers now regardless of the possibility that he had them. In any case, finished the course of our discussion, he uncovers an inside and out information of the intricate details of the recreation center’s first year, both as far as what happened onscreen and the serious hypothesis going down off of it. Here’s Herthum on his most loved fan hypotheses, and in addition the comical story behind his full monty minute on the Westworld set.

I comprehend that there was somewhat of a hole between shooting the Westworld pilot and whatever is left of the arrangement. In light of your material in the primary scene, did you have a feeling of what was in store?

I truly didn’t! Subsequent to shooting the pilot, there was a significant number of months before we even went into shoot Episode 2. In addition, there was no feeling that I would even be back. When I was placed in icy stockpiling, it could’ve been the end for Peter. So I was clearly entirely excited when they began calling and having me come in for those little bits that were in a few of the scenes. It looked to me like they were discovering approaches to keep me around, which I was excited about. And afterward, obviously, in Episode 8 — it was initially shot for Episode 7, however wound up being in Episode 8 — Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) comes in and downloads me with every one of that information. I went up to [co-creator] Lisa Joy and gave her an embrace, since they don’t do anything without a considerable measure of thinking ahead, so I realized that meant that Peter would be around. We shot seven, and after that there was an additional five-month break before shooting the last three. So from the season of shooting the pilot until the point that the time it publicized resembled 25 months. In any case, it was well justified, despite all the trouble.

When you’re on a show like this where there’s such a great amount of mystery about plot turns, how would you converse with individuals throughout your life about it? Do you sort of simply need to state, “I’m sad, that is beyond reach?”

That or I’ll simply maintain a strategic distance from it totally. I’ll reveal to you an interesting story: I got a script for the pilot, yet never got any of alternate scripts. At the point when on-screen characters would answer to their trailers, they’d have the sides for every one of the scenes that they’re shooting that day. So I would arrive, and the primary thing I would do is perused every one of the sides to attempt and assemble any data I could. One of the days that I was there, they were shooting the scene where Bernard understands that he’s a host. So I read that and acknowledged Bernard was a host and needed to hush up about it for very nearly a year! I didn’t tell an absolutely real soul. I’m really great at keeping insider facts.

Did learning insider facts like that impact your execution by any stretch of the imagination?

It didn’t influence me as a character, obviously, it began wild hypothesis on my part about who else could be a host. Indeed, even Ford — is Ford a host? There’s hypothesis about that right up ’til today. I’m such a fanboy of the show itself.

There’s such a large number of! There’s the undeniable one about William and the Man in Black and, to be completely forthright with you, that turned out to be clear at any rate to me truly from the get-go. Obviously, I addressed Jimmy Simpson on set, and in addition Ed Harris, however, we never talked about that [storyline] by any stretch of the imagination. I’ll be straightforward with you: the first occasion when I knew it with assurance, and it is not necessarily the case that every other person didn’t too, was the blade; when we saw William holding the blade that we had seen the Man in Black use all through the show. That was exceptionally telling. So a large portion of the hypotheses I heard were correct, yet I know there were some that were truly a long distance.

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  1. KickDad
    What if Ford built a host replica of himself that he used just to have Delores kill it.
  2. ShelvesSprite
    Louis herthun's scene made me want to watch the entire season as well. Excellent acting
  3. NearHurricane
    Louis Herthun's performance was extraordinary! You did steal the scene, no need to humble brag lol You're the reason I gave the show a chance. Bravo
  4. CalendarCard
    Gonna miss you guys for a whole 2 years :(
  5. StatelyPopcorn
    the scene at the end is to make the William fall in love with the park again so he won't hand over his shares and allow the simplification of the hosts
  6. HardwoodForm
    My wife and i have watched this show together from the beginning. As evidenced by me watching this afterbuss show I am a hardcore fan that researched/reviewed all of the theories. Meanwhile my wive was a casual watcher of the show. She was totally surprised when the reveal came that William and the Man in Black were the same person. You literally could have knocked her over with a feather. Samething happened last week when it was revealed that Bernard was a Host/copy of Arnold. That just shows how good the writing is that both the hardcore fan and the casual fan were totally entertained with this series.
  7. ShyGalley
    How can you think the humans in this show don't deserve everything they get?