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Top Anime Picks For This Year

Before whatever else, I might want to wish every last one of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May we as a whole live quiet lives loaded with endowments this coming 2017. Keep the energy, affirm?

Albeit 2016 has passed by in a matter of seconds, I got such a variety of endowments, likely more than I merited. For that, I am so much grateful. Additionally, along with my voyage, anime enormously helped me alleviate my anxiety, and it filled in as my escape from the unremarkable. It was an awesome thing that 2016 was additionally an extraordinary year for anime. We were presented with some extraordinary demonstrates each season; a great deal of them sparkled brighter than the rest.

So better believe it, as we commend the new year, I might want to share my TOP 5 PICKS records for this Anime Year 2016. This would likely be for a few posts coming early this year on the grounds that, no doubt, I have to compensate for the absence of posts of late.

I chose the rankings in light of my completely one-sided assessment. On the off chance that I appreciated it, they I delighted in it. Period.

With no further ado, here they are:

Flying Witch

Really, a recuperating anime. The entire show radiates quietness and serenity – ideal for add up to unwinding. I do comprehend that a few people would discover this show exhausting, in light of the fact that hello, we do have diverse tastes! Astonished, aren’t yah?

What I do adore about this show is that each scene unfurls actually. It flawlessly blends the dream component with the unremarkable. Would you be able to trust that I completely appreciated a few scenes about the characters taking couple of strolls, picking wildflowers, and eating hotcakes? The show winds through some uneventful circumstances however the show put resources into character collaborations and their every day lives. Include the sweet and super affable characters (Chinatsu, anybody?) and its tranquil music. I can’t request more. Goodness, most likely all the more flying?

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

Yoho! This one is presumably the most built up anime amid the season it circulated, if not of the entire 2016. I dunno, I was withdrawn in the anime group aside from in twitter. Be that as it may, definitely, I joined the buildup since this show was better than average in making me feel at the edge of my seat in each scene. I delighted in the thriller component, sitting tight for the uncover before the finish of the scene.

The plot and the time travel component were kept straightforward in order to maintain a strategic distance from plot openings; the show contributed more on the passionate angles. Who recollected the scene when Satoru’s mother dealt with Kayo? Man, the feels. I could presumably put this higher on my rundown however the last scenes kinda let me down in some way or another. They were still great, yet I simply expected more I presume?

Haikyuu!! S2

Best period of Haikyuu for me. The reprisal coordinate against Seijo made me need all the more every week. In spite of the fact that I as of now have a thought what the result would be (regular games anime recipe), I was still at the edge of my seat each match. Season 3 was likewise great, as it gave the spotlight to Tsukishima, however the strain between the Shiratorizawa and Karasuno doesn’t come close to that of Seijo and Karasuno. Man, I need more Oikawa. Such is life.

RE:ZERO Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

An aggregate amazement to me. I have no clue about the show when I lifted it up; I was pulled in to the character plans at first. At that point that the last scene of the principal scene happened. Blast! It started my advantage. Furthermore, from that point on, the show continued giving me the adrenaline surge. I completely appreciated the entire ride. It is the main anime that I viewed amid my survey. That says a considerable measure.

I kinda love and abhor how the show treated Subaru, however before the finish of it, I delighted in observing the products of his sufferings (however he will presumably endure more in light of the spoilers I read on the web). The setting, to me, was immaculate and I would love to find out about the world they are in. I saw myself needing to know more, about the illustrious determination, the witches, the mythical beast – about Lugnica. Wish they would have the second season soon. I can hardly wait.

Goodness, to evade struggle, my boats include Reinhardt and Subaru. The previous being a definitive same and the last a definitive uke. I’ll leave the mixes to all of you! (Indication: No Emilia and No Rem).

Natsume Yuujinchou Go

Do despite everything I need to clarify why this is my TOP 1 Pick? Do I truly need to? Damn, I missed this show. I lost tally of how often I rewatched the entire establishment amid the time that it was no more.

Since it is as of now on its fifth season, Natsume was at that point a created character and I am as of now put resources into his character. It is thoroughly remunerating to perceive how he develops each season. I particularly cherish how this season concentrated more on a few characters like Natori and Matoba. We dive a smidgen more profound into the universe of exorcists in which Natsume was dragged into. Furthermore, the second to the last scene about Touko and Shigeru – perfect. I cried, truly. It tied up a few things left free amid the past seasons.

There are more possibilities in which Natsume Yuujinchou could investigate. Despite everything, we don’t have the foggiest idea about a considerable measure and we could expect more. It’s fortunate the 6th season was at that point declare. Much obliged to you, anime divine beings!


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  1. Wenchanter
    My Hero Academia was my favorite.
    • Goliatlas
      My brother introduced me to that anime and I still haven't finished watching it because I got caught up in other animes but man were the first few episodes EXTREMELY hilarious. All Might was the funniest thing ever when he wasn't all buff and stuff. I know I shouldn't be laughing at his condition but I would always just crack up whenever he coughed up blood. I know I'm a horrible person.
  2. Grammarauder
    history maker comes on Me: sings along Totally deserved 1st on top opening
  3. Sardiner
    I'm so proud of Yuri on Ice, it deserved everything it got. It was definitely my favorite this year. Thank you AnimeAmerica
  4. CharmingBoy
    For those who think Yuri!!! On ice is overrated, it is, but it has a reason. The story is great and a lot of people like it in general. It's inspired so many people to try ice skating, playing the piano and so much more. Before I watched YOI I was depressed, crying myself to sleep, and basically worthless, after watching I was inspired to so much more with my life, and learning from the story I became a better person and felt better about myself. But if you don't like it I completely respect your opinion.
  5. Pignite
    I respectfully disagree with about half of this list. I personally am not fond of Yuri on Ice but I recognize that as merely my opinion. The part I disagree with is how many times it appears over the various categories. It would be nice if there was a limit on how many categories a series can be nominated for to make it at least appear to be a more balanced list. Again this is merely my opinion.